Assembly Line

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Cards and Creations by Lori McBride. My name is Lori McBride and I’m a Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator from Joshua,TX.

I’ve often been asked how I make multiple cards of the same design and I’ve always described in my videos as an “assembly line” but I’ve never truly shown my assembly line on my videos or Blog so I’d like to share that with you today.

“Assembly line” doesn’t mean that I have a machine that simply puts everything together for me.

After I was rested just a little bit and was able to hobble back into my craft room, I started the assembly line to finish the cards I’d prepped for the video. It would take 3 more rest breaks but at the end of the night, all 10 cards that I’d prepped for the Peaceful Deer Catds were complete.

The first thing that I do to create an “assembly line” is that I will go through and do all of the cuts that I need to create multiples of one design.

For cardbases, I usually do all the cutting and scoring. Then I’ll go through and cut all the DSP I will need. Then all my die cutting and or punching that I’ll need. Inside cardbases are no exception. The very last thing that I’ll do is my stamping and again, I do all of the stamping at once.

Finally, I line all of the pieces up on my desk. Yesterday’s tri fold card for example. Here’s a photo of the assembly line that I created in order to create multiple cards for family and friends.

Assembly is a bit different on video VS assembly line when the cameras are off. In video, I will assemble one card, each piece at a time. With the assembly line I will actually complete a full task on each card before moving on to the next task. For example I will adhere all of the strips of DSP to each of the cardbases before creating the belly bands, attach all of the deer to the circles before attaching them to the belly bands.

DSP Piece 1 assembled to cardbases
DSP Piece 2 assembled to all cardbases
All belly bands and circles assembled
Finished stack of 10 cards

What I’ve found in working in “assembly line” is that it’s both faster and more efficient when working on multiple cards at once. With that being said, it’s VERY rare that you’ll find any more than 10 cards of mine in the same design which is why you do not seeing me in a whole lot of swaps. I can do more but I’m absolutely miserable doing it.

With that in mind, I also send hundreds of Christmas cards per year which is why my Blog ends up blowing UP each year with inspirational ideas usually beginning in July. Between my break in July and my injury in August, I’m really behind and need to get caught up – quickly!!!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed finally seeing my “assembly line” and what it’s like in the craft room when the cameras aren’t rolling and that you’ll join me again soon for another edition. Until next time – Happy Stampin’ Everyone!!

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